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Welcome to the Fleet!

Hey There, welcome to Starfleet Special Operations, a gaming community for the MMO Star Trek Online…

You have found us by a number of ways I would imagine, either by following a well placed link. If that’s the case then I need to offer apologies straight off for not producing the gratuitous nudity that you were hoping. Another reason is you were drawn to check us out because you spied one of our recruitment drives or our very favourite, the tried and tested, word of mouth!!
Whatever brought you to these distant stars we are very glad to have you here, however briefly you wish your visit to be.
So let me be the first to tell you about ourselves and our motivation for this enterprise, yeah, I see what I did there!, if these things amuse you right off the bat you are going to fit in really REALLY well here. Right so back to where we were, Starfleet Special Operations was started by a group of friends who met in Star Trek Online and decided to band together to colonise our very own slice of cyber space. Together with the aid of too much knowledge from being in other fleets and guilds, across way too many games, a few pizza’s, a lot of beer, and oh a handfull of dreams and a smattering of Star Trek culture refrences we struck out to boldly go.
Between us we have been members of all kinds of different gaming communities based around games such as DAOC, World of Warcraft, EVE Online, Guild Wars, Star Wars KOTOR, Rift, DC Online, Secret World and GW2. Our experiences are vastly different as no two communities run themselves the same, even though some may be similar in planning, executionon of an idea counts for a lot.
Yet one thing kept coming back to us all, calling like some old forgotten dream or memory, we kept feeling in all these communities we joined there was something, fundamentally missing, and we yearned for it. To us it seemed that communities had become too militaristic, organised, and admin heavy. We missed the simpler times, where you joined a fleet or guild to enhance your game time not to complicate it. Where a community structure wasn’t divisive, where you had a Guild Master and members, rather than rigid ranks. However this is the big one, where friendship, camaraderie, and fun are prized higher than anything else. In a game based around the universe of Gene Roddenberry and Star Trek, and the morals and ideals that built this amazing world, we owed it no less.
So Starfleet Special Operations was born, here we don’t have lengthy application procedures, you the person matters to us much more than your prowess in game. We don’t have complicated rank structures or administration of any kind. Just recruits and members. No council’s, or ruling bodies, just the opinions of you the members. This is at the heart a group of friends, who like to hang out, have fun and are interested in meeting more of the same. We aren’t the military, and we aren’t a corporation, we are just fellow Star Trek fans, extending the hand of friendship….would you be interested in taking it.


Starfleet Special Operation’s News – September 2013

You know that feeling you get, when it’s half past a god forsaken time in the middle of your shift, the bridge is on skeleton crew…and there, just there an insistent orange light is blinking on the console. You have tried pressing the commands to stop it, pressing alt, ctrl and escape to no bleeding avail…
It’s just there, like the yellow eye of some malevolent god. In your head you do brief but painful harm to your Chief engineer, as you eye is drawn inexorably down to the large stain adorning the front of your uniform, where the replicator squirted a geyser of coffee at you earlier on in the shift.
Then you realise it’s not malfunction, it’s actually a broadcast for the SSO Fleet Star base, you press it excitedly to see what has happened these past few months…

New Recruits…

Welcome to our new recruits, Alphafax, Mythos, Rennee Wakefield, damzelltrill, alracius42, Summerguardian, Keith, Rambo, Zipzag , Senda, Zero Dragon, JRodger, giamdock, Starlancer, Vygoth, SpeciesX, XanderP, wdbittle2012, Headley, surfboar, Eagle, Kalidan, Patrick, Anton, Beefton. Versus, and Jazenz

The Valkyrie Season Two

 Our online bridge RP if you have never heard of it, was re-booted when we started SSO Fleet. We have no reached our second season, and it’s been immense. Kudos must go to our great and fearless GM Loki as he has led us unflinching through some of the best written and most engaging RP of any you have ever seen. Check out his amazing HD video below and marvel at the greatness that is the U.S.S. Valkyrie.



So far we have had a few more contests, we had a great prize raffle where we gave out star base provisions and millions of EC as prizes. Congratulations to Nishka who took first prize, and commiserations to Loki who chose the signature prize…

Thanks to all that entered, thank you all for making this such a great fleet!!!

New Fleet X.O

As you will all know, we are quite a new fleet, we haven’t even had our first year but we are progressing hugely with new members joining all the time, so change are afoot

Tim, aka sumnerguardian on the forums, razar2380 in game, has accepted the position on a probationary status.

This was done for two reasons

1. He deserves it, plain and simple he has spent months helping the fleet, helping its members, and giving massive amounts of time to this fleet.
2. This fleet now has a true XO, the fleet is protected on a much larger level because no one person has access to everything.This choice was not taken on the fly, a lot of thought has gone into it, a lot of candidates considered, and through it all Tim has shown the dedication and determination I believe is needed to not only make this fleet a awesome place, but protect from enemies both foreign and domestic
Crack the dishes and klank the mugs of ale! We have ourselves a Fleet XO!

Cheers Tim,

Congratulations Tim, from the whole fleet…we love you man…
Over and out SSO Fleet…..see you through the stars!!

Starfleet Special Operations Fleet: News For June 2013

Through the lonely atmosphere of space comes another transmission from the mighty Starfleet Special Operations Fleet. Yes it’s that time again to tell you what we have been up to. First of all apologies as this has come a little late due to me having to revise for a lot of exams in the much more boring real world. You know that place that has a lot more Tesco’s and Reality TV and a lot less Spaceships and Pew Pew. However now I am back and we would you believe are now celebrating been open two months. YES!!, you heard bloody right, only two months I can’t believe what we have done in such short a time. Frell I may not even be able to get it all written down on the front of the site….

New Recruits And Welcomes…
First of all I and all of SSO would like to say welcome and than you so much for joining and making this what was once a small group of people, a sprawling, fun loving, bantering, sometimes naughty, group of amazing people. In short thanks for making us a family. We couldn’t do this without you, and we are so grateful out of the myriad amounts of fleets out their you picked lets shout out to all our new members this month. In no particulate order we love you, Optimusjamie, Brennan, Misti, Try, Xao, Whonchicken, Nor, MrNickel, Sethoma, Kailasha, Graodann, Radames, Zeropium, JoeNapalm, Raquel, Kdenver, Ayanami, Icemann448, Jarviscrocker, Elexis, Asuna, Wark, Goods, Nilsyboy, Aurelius, Rassimmoc, Keith, Ten, Tooro, Smoke, Asuna, Goods, Awarkle and last but not least PyroMantis.

Again thank you for choosing us, and we are so happy to have you all. Here is to many more happy months!!


This month we ran a contribution contest for the Starbase projects, with the person who contributed the most in a three week period winning a beautiful Jem’hadar Dreadnaught. Well it was a fraught contest and at the end Tooro and Tib were neck and neck, however Tooro piped Tib to the post and took of with the fabulous ship. Congratulations Tooro and commiserations Tib.

This month also saw the return of Loki’s, Lock and Loaded a fantastic Sci Fi general knowledge contest for prizes and laughs.
As well as an upcoming Bat’leth tournament, and the opening of the kill board where contracts are placed on members of the fleet for shits and giggles.


Creations Stations….
As you have no doubt gathered, we have a lot going on in this fleet and lots of creative and inspired people so lets give a shout out to some of those people now. First of all lets put our paws, claws and hands together for the SSO Radio Show and Podcast in which we had a very special famous guest. Warning there is a lot of vulgarities from this…bad guest…so please only watch if you are over16 or have your parents permission.

 Then here we have some excepts from some stories from our fabulous members…

Loki- The Dragonslayers, 51st Space Defence Squadron excerpt…

John walked into the ready room, seeing the table at the head of the room he walked over and flipped it over on its end dumping the array of pads and information on it.

A pilot in the room yelled, “Officer on deck!” and all the pilots rose to their feet at attention. Trix could be seen smiling and standing against the door to the ready room, her eyes on the now questioning pilots. John pulled up a chair and sat down looking at them.

“At ease people.”

The pilots sat in their chairs, all except for the Klink standing at the back of the room. John looked around, he took a hard look at the pilots sitting infront of him, some barely old enough to be in starfleet much less be in the room with them.

“What do we know? Fact, the Klingon Empire has fallen. Fact, these bastards are now sitting on their space getting ready for a push into our systems. Fact, they have four times the number pf ships we do. Fact, we can beat them.”

John looked again around the room.

“They have numbers, their fighters are faster than ours, and they work in groups. Our fighters are more nimble, have shields and better weapons so the match is even on a technical stand point.However when it comes to pilots, we have the advantage.”

John nodded to Trix and a holographic display appeared in the room. It showed a Am’Tal fighter drone, and the inside was highlighted in bright green.

“This is your enemy, and so far the only fighter we have seen in this war. Our own research teams have discovered from wreckage recovered there is no pilot inside, and instead these drones are controlled from their carriers.”

Slight noise could be heard inside the room as the pilots began whispering to themsleves.

“Starfleet R&D is already working on a jamming device that may disable the drones from their Carrier control points, but that may be months off and we have a war to fight.”

The image in the room changed to that of the former Klingon Controlled Sector of space.

“Now let me explain our mission, in operation Thor’s Hammer……

to read more, join Starfleet Special Operations Fleet…

Nor- U.S.S. Cardinal Nexium


Ian Holtz rushed through the sleek hallways of earth space dock. His flawless career was finally paying dividends. He had an appointment with Admiral Sellic, a stern man with a reputation of as being unwavering as the starbase he was stationed on. Holtz had a near perfect record in his various academic hurtles; university, Starfleet academy, and other various measures of success. While not record breaking, Holtz stood above the rest of his peers and colleagues.

What kept him from taking titles of accomplishment and setting record test scores was his dedication to those around him. He would often put others wants and needs above his own. He strived for perfection in duty; to be a pillar in which the crew of any ship he served could lean on in times of need. Often this lead to others stepping on him during days at the academy. While never actively seeking notoriety or accolade, he sought to make the memory of his parents proud. He wasn’t the best shot with a phaser and he couldn’t pilot shuttles, but he was one of the best Starfleet ship counsellors. He was the emotional strength when all around were without.

After skidding to a stop Ian paused and straightened his blue and black uniform. He wore it well due to living a life of discipline and activity. After straitening his short brown hair he began walking with good posture: back straight, shoulders square, head up- and entered a small office with a receptionist behind a desk, next to a closed door.

“May I help you?” came the inquiry of an aging Tellarite.

“I have an 0900 appointment with Admiral Sellic.” Ian answered.

He had been born on Earth and after serving 6 years on ships, he had never seen something look so old. The small, squat female had a face that looked a kin to the prunes of earth. He couldn’t stop scanning her face in search of where her voice originated; she had so many wrinkles on her face he couldn’t identify the mouth when closed. He had received extensive anatomy and physiology training in Starfleet as elective classes. Never had he seen a specimen so… old!

As if to answer Ian’s confusion the woman grew even more stern looking taking notice she was being inspected. “The admiral will you see.”

“Ah, t-thanks.” Holtz replied as he absently rubbed the back of his neck feeling caught.

He walked through the automated sliding door which quickly closed behind him. He could feel his anxiety rise. He knew how to control such emotions, but stakes were high. He had never directly interacted with an admiral before. He had to give a good impression.

“Reporting for your 0900 summons, sir.” announced Holtz eyes fixated up high at some unremarkable point in the ceiling. After a brief moment of waiting for a reply Ian looked down to see a mid 50′s white haired man across from him reviewing a data pad. The Admiral was of un-noteworthy complexion with a white beard and moustache to match his thick tamed parted hair atop his head. What was remarkable were his eyes. They were a bright blue, bright enough to seem synthetic. The Admiral appeared to be deep in thought reviewing whatever information lay in the data pad. Ian’s throat became dry due to the intense silence.

“Have a seat Commander Holtz.” The Admiral directed.

There were two seats directly in front of the white haired man. Ian took one and sat in it as if at attention. back straight, hands on his thighs palm down.

“Relax Commander.” Sellic said as he stacked the papers in front of him. “This is no parole hearing or war summit. I was looking to review your file, once more, to make sure you’re up to the assignment I wish you take partake in.”

“You’ll notice my file shows excellence in the line of duty with best marks of my class in the acad…”

“I care little for your triumphs in academia Commander.” The Admiral interrupted. “I have chose you for this assignment based on the rapport with your various past crews. I’ve been told you show exceptional duty to them and the prime directive. Is this true?” The admiral looked at Ian while talking- as if he was looking into him. Ian felt as if he mind, body, and soul were being probed by the most sophisticated of sensors.

“I am, sir. The prime directive is a cornerstone of the federation. Also, keeping crew in the best of mental health is of the utmost importance to a well ran ship.” Ian replied.

Stroking his moustache, the admiral began, “That’s not what I mean. Of the many that I have personally contacted, your crew mates like you- not just that you keep them in good mental health.”

“I don’t know sir, I mean well. Maybe they pick that up. I truly care about their well being. ” Ian said with little thought.

“Why?” the Admiral asked bluntly. “All Starfleet personnel care about one another. Yet you seem to get more attached to your crew than other candidates I have reviewed for this assignment. Why do you think that is?” he elaborated.

“I don’t know sir. Maybe I have learned to rely on those around me; I put my faith in my fellow crew and officers. My parents died when I was young, I had…”

“Yes, of borg attack I read.” the Admiral interrupted. “How does that make you feel toward the borg?”

Up until now the conversation, assessment, interview, interrogation, or whatever this was had been taxing and blunt. However, Ian had no idea what the loss of his parents, the borg, and their relation had to do with any future assignment. He didn’t think it possible, but the Admiral was breaking Ian down after only a few amount of words.

“Sir, I don’t know how this applies…” he began.

“Answer the question son.” came a reply that matched the near artificially blue eyes.

After a pause to collect himself, “Borg kill people, as do Klingons, romulens, humans, and almost any other sentient in the galaxy. My family was killed settling an area distant to federation control. They knew there were risks.” Commander Holtz answered looking at the ground.

After a relenting pause the Admiral concluded, “So you blame the borg, but feel your parents are partially responsible. A somewhat neutral outlook. is this correct?”

Ian nodded and the admiral stood approached a widow looking out into space letting a large sigh. Ian sat in the chair looking at the same point on the floor, he knew whatever emotional trial the admiral prepared for him had failed.

After several minutes of both the Admiral and Commander in their respective states the Admiral comments “I want you to report to dock 7 at 0500 tomorrow. You will accompany me to a rendezvous In the Risa sector with the U.S.S Carindal Nexium. I will then leave you at your new station as ship counsellor under Vice Admiral Palmiro, the captain. Then I’ll return here. Questions?”

“Yes, several Sir. I have never head of this ship. What’s its service record? Who is Admiral Palmiro?” the commander went on, “and an Admiral over a ship with zero notoriety? Why are you, yourself, going out with us? This is all very irregular. Sir?”

“I wouldn’t expect you to have any knowledge of the ship or her captain Commander. I will be going out with you to talk with the Vice Admiral I like to keep personal tabs on their dealings. Know that this mission will be top secret, you will tell no one about any part of this until you are at your station, then it’s up to your CO. The specifics will be discussed on the bridge of the Nexium in the company of Vice Admiral Palmrio” You will also have the ability to end your tour aboard the Cardinal Nexium if you wish after a period of thirty earth days.


“This will be a very trying assignment for you. If you find yourself overly taxed, state your request to Admiral Palmiro and you will be reassigned. Most of the details I want you to get on your own when you meet the crew of the Cardinal Nexium. It will be a lasting experience.” the Admiral concluded with a smirk. “Dismissed.”

Want to read more….hell you know what to do….

All in all it’s been a pretty productive month for Starfleet Special Operations, we have made lots of new friends, have got to level 2 nearly level 3 on our starbase and had tons of fun and frolics doing so. If you are not one of our member and reading this, and think hey they sound like fun, and hell you’d be right. Why don’t your friend Loki@stone_loki and have a bit of a chat and see if we are a good fit. We as ever look forward to meeting you!


Our first ever news transmission for Starfleet Special Operations…..

Emergency Transmission coming in from your intrepid intergalactic soap opera, we got it all, laughs, drama’s and passionate love affairs…and that’s just during breakfast. Trust me how our Illusive Fleet Master feels about his morning muffin…well it’s just wrong man….on soooooooo many levels.
This is our first official news post for the brand new fleet Starfleet Special Operations and we have got a hell of a lot achieved since our inception on Wednesday April the 17th 2013. Since that auspicious day when our much loved if misunderstood leader said…”Hey guys let’s make a fleet!!!” we have been all kinds of busy.
Not only have we managed to get our website, and forums up in no short order, we have also managed to get mumble communication arrays online so we can hang out and banter together. Along with this we have employed a graphic designer and artist to make graphics exclusively for our fleet. Please be aware we purchased exclusive use of her, and she regrets she will no longer work for any other STO Fleet.
However now due to their hard work we have great avatars for the official STO forums to promote our site, several nice avatars for use on the forums, and our official fleet logo. Nothing on SSO Fleet is taken from any other sources, none of it was made from free domain artwork, and all of it we are very pleased to say is unique and special to our beloved fleet. It goes without saying that all attendant artwork and site design is courtesy of them too. Yes, yes we do have them chained in a very small locker in the warp core….what off it. We DO post a sandwich in the air holes every couple of hours…what are you flapping your gums about…”Geneva convention!!”.

Recruits and Welcomes….

We have begin actively recruiting and would like to welcome some of our newest and much loved Red Shirts, and we hope to welcome them to the crew very soon!!. So thanks for joining us on our intrepid misadventures, and frolicsome fun rides. Cheveyo, Tiberius, Shyvus and John Marek we are ecstatic to have you.


Due to the U.S.S. Valkyrie, our long standing and long running role play event being reloaded this Sunday, we decided to hold a costume contest for the new uniform. We had many really outstanding entries and the votes made it a really nail biting event, and it ended with a tie between two entries. It was decided that Fii’s uniform would be used to represent the uniform for the Valkyrie and as we have no second RP event in play at the moment, that Sarah’s uniform would be placed as the Official Fleet Uniform. Both parties won 1 million EC however neither would take this prize and insisted it be given back to support the fleet. Congratulations to everyone who gave their time and effort to enter, and especial congratulations to the winners Fii and Sarah. 


Well I am ecstatic to tell you that the Valkyrie Reloaded event was a great success this Sunday, with a grand total of 8 total players turning up to the event to participate, and one spectator that we hope we can wrangle into joining us. I will give you a little history on this event, it originally started in a totally different fleet 18 months ago. It was one of those chance meetings of serendipity that will stay with people a lifetime.
When after a Role Play event a few members decided to group up and take part in an impromptu bridge role play. On that night several very firm friendships were forged and 18 months later, where this amazing role play has met every Sunday for 18 months, over six seasons, with too many events to count, we decided to reload the whole idea.
The same people, the self same ship, but all of use deciding to play new and challenging characters and let me tell you, the magic was still all there. It was a rousing success and we look forward to the next 18 months and what it brings. Not to mention the start of many new role plays and adventures.
As our Illusive Fleet Master would say! “I LOVE it, when a plan comes together!!”